Thrive Groceries

Simple, clean ingredients to help you whip up family favorites...faster.

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Can't beat the quality

Why is our food so awesome?

We utilize this cool little process called freeze drying to lock in flavor, and all kinds of nutrients. Hard to beat that.

NutrilockNutrilock Certified for the highest nutritional value.

Ready when you are

  • No washing, chopping, peeling or browning
  • No last minute trips to the grocery store
  • Grab n' go snacks without the preservatives
  • Eat it today or months from now

Fresher than Fresh

Your groceries stay fresh for weeks, months... even longer! Can we finally stop throwing away moldy food?

What People Are Saying


I love how easy the beef is! It has made Taco Tuesday so much faster – NO defrosting or grease! Yay!"

Sarah Lowery


I love the mushrooms because they are so easy to use; they never go bad, and the flavors are the same as fresh!"

Kristin Baxter


These onions make my life so easy! I’ve thrown them into soups and casseroles. I’ve even sautéed them with stir fry!"

King Family


Cutting pineapple is like performing surgery, but not with Thrive’s pineapple! I can open a can and eat every bit of it without any cutting!"

Holly Cooley

Let's start cooking!

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No commitment. Skip or cancel anytime.


Can I skip a delivery

Yes. You can skip any upcoming deliveries before the procesing date.

How do I get free shipping?

Only Preferred Customers and Thrive Life Consultants can qualify for free shipping. Free shipping is available on all Prefhalf-off shipping.

So how do you become a Preferred Customer or a Consultant? We'll walk you through it in the sign-up process. You can also learn more about the perks of being a Preferred Customer.

So I get to pick my Groceries?

Of course! You get to pick from hundreds of clean, simple groceries to add to each delivery.

Do my Groceries come on a recurring basis?

Yes! Quick and healthy food is always in style, which is why your Groceries will come through our recurring delivery service. Dservice at any time with no fee.